What are the 5 most important survival skills

These are the 5 Most Important Survival Skills

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No one can deny that there are certain survival abilities that are truly essential. However, despite their significance, many of us spend and design our lives without considering them. Because hey – most don’t really think they would ever need to resort to such abilities. So, what are the 5 most important survival skills?

  1. Find and filter water
  2. Light a fire
  3. Find or build a shelter
  4. Find and prepare food
  5. Manage and make use of first aid

These are considered the essential survival skills and will definitely take you out of your comfort zone i.e. all the tech-savvy conveniences and amenities that surround our modern-day lives.

Our current lives are luxurious and convenient… no doubt about that!

But once in a while, a disaster arrives and shocks us out of our reveries, leaving little choice than to step out of our comfort zones.

It could be a ‘supposedly‘ deadly pandemic like the covid situation or perhaps a destructive storm.

These unexpected and unforeseen catastrophes make us realize that our tech-savvy world still remains highly vulnerable.

The 5 Most Important Survival Skills That You Need!

Adventurers who seek to explore the wilderness need to arm themselves with survival skills that strengthen their ability to any combat unforeseen and unpleasant situations.

And a few survival skills can equip us with the capabilities to effectively mitigate disasters and keep ourselves safe and sound.

So in the next paragraphs, we will walk you through the 5 most essential survival skills that will help you be prepared for whatever calamity befalls you!

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1. Finding & Filtering Water

Imagine yourself driving alone on a secluded highway.

Then, your car breaks down and you are forced to walk for miles with no clean drinking water at hand.

Or here’s another scenario: you’re trekking in a wild forest!

Your water supply runs out and you have to make do with dirty, unfiltered water.

Both scenarios are quite common and remind us that clean drinking water is a basic necessity to sustain human life!

While we can survive weeks without eating, our body will start crumbling without water in a matter of hours or even minutes if the sun is scorchingly bright!

Clean drinking water is the most basic requirement to sustain life and this need can arise even if you’re trapped at home with no power and a horrendous snowstorm ravaging everything outside.

So, how can you find and purify water to properly hydrate your body?

To find drinkable water it is best to go downhill in search of water if you are located somewhere in a hilly area.

You will come across creeks and streams, which are common in hilly terrains.

To find clean water sources you must listen closely to the sound of water gushing against the rocks.

If you cannot find any creek or stream, then consider digging a hole in damp soil to reach the groundwater.

However, this should be a last resort as this water is riddled with bacteria and parasites!

It is ideal to avoid drinking water from standing water bodies as they contain an abundance of bacteria, parasites, and germs.

You will find the safest drinking water from water bodies with a strong flow e.g. streams.

If you have the tools to light a fire, consider boiling the water before drinking it to eliminate all toxins and bacteria.

If you’re an avid adventurer, consider investing in a compact water filter  and water purification tablets  to ensure water safety wherever you go.

What are the 5 most important survival skills, bonfire

2. Lighting a Fire

The ability to light a fire is hands down the most significant survival skill.

It allows you to cook meals, send rescue signals, fight the cold, purify water and keep away predators.

On a cold and dark night, a fire can be the most cherished companion to give you light, warmth and comfort.

It is often considered the king of all survival skills and all those who venture outdoors must learn at least two different techniques to start a fire.

Here’s a great and easy-to-apply method for starting a fire:

  1. Make a small circular area on the ground consisting of mainly dirt
  2. Surround this area with rocks to keep your fire insulated
  3. Place thin twigs and sticks inside the circular space to act as a platform
  4. Put some dry leaves and/or grass on the kindling
  5. Start the fire using matches or a lighter
  6. Place logs around the fire
  7. Maintain the fire and make sure that it’s fully extinguished when you go to sleep

It is ideal to keep some items that can help you start a fire should you need one, such as a lighter, matches or even some kerosene oil.

If you’re out in the wilderness or suffering from power outages at home, you will need to collect some firewood to maintain your fire throughout the night.

And if kindling is scarce or even wet, then consider bringing some rubber bands, cotton balls or tampons to act as your fire starters.

What are the 5 most important survival skills, native shelter

3. Finding Shelter

Finding shelter to protect your body from excessive heat, harsh winds, chilly cold or freezing snow is a basic survival instinct and one that needs to be perfected.

Your mind and body must be trained to fight against anything that reduces or increases your body’s overall temperature.

The first line of protection is the apparel that we wear to protect our bodies.

So, choosing the right clothes for a particular climate is also a survival instinct that comes into play every time we pack our backpacks.

Often, when we venture out in the wild, it can be difficult to find campsites and we might even end up getting lost.

In such an instance, if you know how to build a makeshift camp, you won’t be stricken with fear and panic.

However, if you stumble upon a natural shelter, don’t waste your energy by making one yourself.

What are the 5 most important survival skills, cauldron over fire

4. Preparing Food

The ability to prepare food with minimal ingredients and keep your body energized with nutrients is another crucial survival skill to master.

First and foremost – it is ideal to avoid eating plants that you are not familiar with!

Especially certain vegetables such as mushrooms that are very tricky to differentiate between the ones that are edible and the deadly variations.

Make sure to pack energy bars, nuts and pocket snacks while planning an outdoor vacation or in a bug-out scenario.

And you don’t need to be a master chef to be able to prepare decent food either.

Just make sure to always cook any meat that you are about to consume, be it in boiling water or over a fire.

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5. First Aid

Last but most certainly not least, first aid empowers us with the knowledge to administer basic medical attention in case we get injured.

It is crucial to avoid panicking if you cut yourself or if you suffer from any type of injury.

Simply maintain a calm composure and give yourself the required first aid attention.

As soon as you realize you are stranded or lost, it is crucial to turn on your survival mode – especially if you are injured!

The most fundamental principle of first aid for survival is to think rationally and pragmatically.

Most situations require you to clean small cuts and dress open wounds or administer off-the-counter medications to counter fever or flu symptoms.

It is crucial to carry a small medical kit with you at all times (as part of your survival kit) so that you can administer first aid services to yourself and others around you.


Having adequate survival skills definitely makes us more empowered in challenging and unpleasant situations.

Logically, the most vital 5 survival instincts mentioned above are of paramount significance if you are out in the wild.

However, these are only the most crucial factors related to your chance to survive.

For example, signaling is another crucial survival technique that allows you to alter all potential rescuers and call for help should you need it.

But we recommend learning as many as you can before embarking on your next adventure!

Now – have you ever resorted to the use of survival skills in your life?

And if yes, did help you get out of a tricky situation?

Leave your answer in the comments below!

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