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The Best Portable Charger (Top Picks + Guide)

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One of the worst things that can happen to people nowadays is a mobile device with a dying battery. And while having no battery is typically just an annoying inconvenience, losing your smartphone when you’re somewhere in the wilderness can be potentially dangerous. That’s why you need a portable charger – but what’s the best one that money can buy at the moment?

Anker Portable Charger, 325 Power Bank (PowerCore...
INIU Portable Charger, Slimmest 10000mAh 5V/3A Power...
Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger, 10000mAh Power...
User Rating
20,000 mAh
10,000 mAh
10,000 mAh
342.5 g / 12.1 oz
198 g / 7.0 oz
180 g / 6.35 oz
Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.2” x 2.9” x 0.8”
5.5” x 2.8” x 0.5”
3.6” x 2.3” x 0.9”
Anker Portable Charger, 325 Power Bank (PowerCore...
User Rating
20,000 mAh
342.5 g / 12.1 oz
Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.2” x 2.9” x 0.8”
More Information
INIU Portable Charger, Slimmest 10000mAh 5V/3A Power...
User Rating
10,000 mAh
198 g / 7.0 oz
Dimensions (L x W x H)
5.5” x 2.8” x 0.5”
More Information
Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger, 10000mAh Power...
User Rating
10,000 mAh
180 g / 6.35 oz
Dimensions (L x W x H)
3.6” x 2.3” x 0.9”
More Information

It’s the Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 Portable Charger  due to its high capacity, rapid charging, safety features, incredible ratings and overall value for money.

This portable battery charger is simply hard to beat, although there are other really good models as well with their own set of pros and cons.

Top Portable Chargers for Mobile Devices

After plenty of research, we’ve picked the best portable chargers for your mobile device, based on a combination of their capacity, size/weight, charging times, safety, user rating and price.

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 Portable Charger, 20000mAh Power Bank with PowerIQ Technology and USB-C Input, High-Capacity External Battery Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, iPad, and More.

1. Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 Portable Charger

Capacity (power): 20,000 mAh
Weight: 342.5 g / 12.1 oz
Dimensions: 6.2” x 2.9” x 0.8” (L x W x H)
Output ports: 2x USB-A
Input ports: 1x USB-C, 1x Micro USB
Recharging time (of the charger): 10 hours
Compatibility: Smartphones, tablets & other mobile devices
Price: $$

Anker’s portable chargers have a reputation for being among the best in this segment and their PowerCore Essential 20000 model tops this list.

It comes with a massive 20,000 mAh capacity that can fully recharge your typical smartphone in roughly 1.5 hours!

This charger also offers simultaneous USB charging meaning that you can charge not one but two mobile devices at the same time.

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Speaking of which, you can use it to charge just about any mobile device out there, be it a smartphone, tablet etc.

The Anker PowerCore 20000 is also high on safety features thanks to the built-in temperature control, high-voltage protection and current regulation.


  • Lots of power
  • Charges pretty fast
  • MultiProtect safety system
  • Stellar ratings


  • No Qualcomm and USB Power Delivery (fast charging)

INIU Portable Charger, 10000mAh Power Bank, 4.8A High-Speed 2 USB Ports with Flashlight Battery Pack, Ultra Compact Phone Charger Compatible with Iphone XS X 8 7 6 Samsung Galaxy S9 Note 9 iPad Tablet

2. INIU Portable Charger 10000mAh Power Bank

Capacity (power): 10,000 mAh
Weight: 198 g / 7.0 oz
Dimensions: 5.5” x 2.8” x 0.5” (L x W x H)
Output ports: 2x USB 2.0
Input ports: 1x Micro USB
Recharging time (of the charger): 5-8 hours
Compatibility: Compatible with most smartphones and tablets
Price: $

INIU’s 10,000 mAh portable charger is compact, affordable, has more than adequate capacity and is very outdoor-friendly.

One of the things that makes it so useful when you’re out camping, for example, is the convenient LED flashlight located on the side of the charger that you can turn on and off at your will.

Also, just like similarly-sized and powered portable chargers, you can carry this INUI model in your carry on bag when boarding a plane as it’s only 37Wh (carrying power banks above 100Wh is restricted).

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On top of that, this charger is made of some really nice rubberized finish material that’s soft and nice to the touch.

There’s also a rather intriguing battery indicator that looks like a tiny paw that illuminates when you start charging to let you know how much juice’s left in the charger.


  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Compact
  • 2 USB output ports


  • Not that powerful
  • Recharging time could be better

EnergyCell Portable Charger,20W PD&QC 3.0 10000mAh...
  • 【Fast Charge PD&QC Devices】: The portable...
  • 【20W Powerful Power Delivery】: Equipped with...
  • 【Matte Metal Shell,Ultra-Slim Size】: Made of...

3. POWERADD EnergyCell 10000 Compact Portable Charger – Smallest 10,000mAh Power Bank

Capacity (power): 10,000 mAh
Weight: 172 g / 5.99 oz
Dimensions: 4.05” x 1.94” x 0.98” (L x W x H)
Output ports: 1x USB-A
Input ports: 1x Micro USB
Recharging time (of the charger): 5-6 hours
Compatibility: Most smartphones and tablets
Price: $

Everyone who values lightweight and compact design above all else, rejoice – this POWERADD portable charger is the smallest 10,000mAh model out there!

It’s remarkably compact indeed, making it ideal for long hiking and traveling when every ounce of weight matters.

Although it’s so small, it still packs a punch thanks to the 10,000mAh battery that can fully charge most modern smartphones in about 1.5 hours.

Apparently, the real beauty behind POWERADD Energy Cell 10000’s compact and lightweight body is the use of the same battery cells found on a Tesla Model 3.

They optimize energy density by 20%, while also boosting the monomer capacity by 35% over a regular battery cell and this clearly makes a difference.

Last but not least, there’s a neat small indicator in an oval shape letting you know how much battery’s left in the charger.


  • The smallest and lightest 10000 model out there
  • Offers a 12W standard charging speed
  • Decently priced


  • Lacks fast charging on both ports
  • Could do with another output port

Anker PowerCore 10000, One of The Smallest and Lightest 10000mAh External Batteries, Ultra-Compact Portable Charger, High-Speed Charging Technology Power Bank for Iphone, Samsung Galaxy and More

4. Anker PowerCore 10000

Capacity (power): 10,000 mAh
Weight: 180 g / 6.35 oz
Dimensions: 3.6” x 2.3” x 0.9” (L x W x H)
Output ports: 1x USB-A
Input ports: 1x Micro USB
Recharging time (of the charger): 4.7 hours
Compatibility: Most smartphones and tablets
Price: $$

Yes, what we have here is another Anker portable charger because they’re really THAT good and this one’s one of their more highly-portable models.

It offers superb capacity considering its very compact size and lightness, making it a brilliant tool to have when you’re out in the wild.

Or in other words, this Anker 10000 charger offers a great capacity-to-size ratio and it’s probably ideal if you’re by yourself as it can charge only 1 device at a time.

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Other than that, you’re also getting Anker’s trademark features like the MultiProtect safety system, VoltageBoost and Power IQ for fast charging.

And this charger also boasts spectacular user ratings for its portability and travel-friendly design.


  • Great size-to-power ratio
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with all the essential and brilliant Anker features


  • Some 10,000mAh models are smaller and lighter
  • Has only a single output port

Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with 4.8A Output and PowerIQ Technology, External Battery Pack for iPhone, iPad & Samsung Galaxy & More (Black)

5. Anker PowerCore 20100mAh with 4.8A Output

Capacity (power): 20,100 mAh
Weight: 356 g / 12.56 oz
Dimensions: 6.6” x 2.4” x 0.9” (L x W x H)
Output ports: 2x USB-A
Input ports: 1x Micro USB
Various smartphones and tablets
Recharging time (of the charger): 10 hours
Price: $$$

Although this Anker PowerCore model in the 20,100 mAH guise is slightly heavier, bigger and more expensive than the two other Anker entries on our list, it’s still an incredible portable charger.

It offers a whopping battery power of 20,100 mAH that provides a 7-day charge capacity to keep your mobile devices up and running.

And the charging of your devices is done via huge 4.8A output ports that you can use simultaneously to recharge your smartphone, tablet or else in no time.

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Another cool thing about this Anker model is that it apparently offers 20% quicker charging for iPhones and a total of roughly 4.6 chargers of the latest Apple smartphones.

This portable charger is also incredibly popular and it also boasts superb user ratings for several different categories.


  • Very large capacity
  • 2 dual output ports (4.8A total)
  • High-speed universal charging


  • Takes 10 hours to fully recharge itself
  • Leaning towards the expensive side

Anker PowerCore 5000 Portable Charger, Ultra-Compact 5000mAh External Battery with Fast-Charging Technology, Power Bank for iPhone, Ipad, Samsung Galaxy and More

6. Anker PowerCore 5000 Portable Charger

Capacity (power): 5,000 mAh
Weight: 136 g / 4.8 oz
Dimensions: 4.2” x 1.3” x 1.3” (L x W x H)
Output ports: 1x USB-A
Input ports: 1x Micro USB
Recharging time (of the charger): 2.5 hours
Compatibility: Works with most USB-charged devices
Price: $

This Anker unit is one of the smallest and lightest portable chargers on the market right now.

And while the modest power capacity might not fully charge your iPhone up to 4 times, the sheer convenience this charger offers is hard to beat.

It literally fits in the palm of your hand and you can comfortably carry it in one of your pockets without feeling uncomfortable.

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Other than that, the sleek arc design of this portable charger not only gives it a stylish appearance but also assist with grip.

There’s an LED battery indicator as well that consists of 3 dots and by pressing the tiny button under them you’ll see how much juice there is in your Anker charger.


  • Mega compact and lightweight
  • Ergonomic and convenient design
  • Ideal for short camping or hiking trips


  • Low power capacity
  • No additional internal and external ports

Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger, 26800mAh External Battery with Dual Input Port and Double-Speed Recharging, 3 USB Ports for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android and Other Smart Devices

7. Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger

Capacity (power): 26,800 mAh
Weight: 490 g / 17.28 oz
Dimensions: 7.0” x 3.1” x 0.9” (L x W x H)
Output ports: 3x USB-A
Input ports: 2x Micro USB
Recharging time (of the charger): 6.5 hours (when using both input ports)
Compatibility: Works on almost all tablets, smartphones and USB devices
Price: $$$

Up next we have Anker’s heavy hitter that offers a whopping 26,800 mAh battery capacity that can charge more than 6 smartphones to full.

But the real beauty of this portable charger is the fact that it has 2 input ports, which you can both use simultaneously to recharge it in only 6.5 hours and that’s remarkable, especially considering its capacity.

This means that this Anker model can be fully charged almost 2x faster than RAVPower’s equivalent 26800 model!

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On top of that, this charger comes with typical Anker technologies such as VoltageBoost and PowerIQ, both of which are fancy terms for faster charging.

You’re also getting an LED indicator with 4 dots to help you figure out how much battery’s left in your charger.

However, the colossal capacity, various ports and all the other goodies do mean that this charger is more on the heavier side, while being more expensive as well.


  • Colossal capacity
  • Recharges much quicker than its rivals (thanks to the 2 input ports)
  • Offers a few Anker exclusive technologies


  • Quite heavy
  • Pricey

No products found.

8. RAVPower 26800mAh Portable Charger 26800 Total 5.5A Output

Capacity (power): 26,800 mAh
Weight: 456 g / 16.1 oz
Dimensions: 6.77” x 0.79” x 3.15” (L x W x H)
Output ports: 3x USB 2.0
Input ports: 1x Micro USB
Recharging time (of the charger): 14-15 hours
Compatibility: Works with most smartphones and tablets
Price: $$$

This RAVPower charger offers an enormous capacity of 26,800 mAh, which should be enough to charge smartphones more than 6 times (or over 2 times if you’re charging a tablet).

This immense power ensures around 9 days of use without recharging the device, which should come in handy in a bug-out scenario.

You also have 3 iSmart USB output ports at your disposal that you can use to charge up to 3 devices at the same time.

There’s also a LED indicator consisting of 4 dots that give you an idea about how much battery’s left (e.g. 4 dots glowing means you have 76% – 100% battery).

All of this comes at a price though literally and figuratively speaking at this RAVPower model is both pricey and rather chunky.


  • Massive capacity
  • 3 output ports
  • LED indicator for the available battery (of the charger)


  • Doesn’t support Qualcomm Quick Charge
  • Big and heavy

Portable Chargers – Buying Guide

There are quite a few portable chargers a.k.a. power banks on the market nowadays so picking the right one might prove rather tricky.

After all, they all come in various shapes, sizes, capacities, features and of course prices.

That’s why in the coming paragraphs we’ll concentrate on the most important aspects of a portable charger to take into consideration when you’re buying one!

Power Capacity

Power banks come with all kinds of battery capacities e.g. from 3,500 mAh all the way up to 26,800 mAh and beyond.

And as you might imagine, the main difference is how many times the charger will be able to recharge your device to full.

For instance, a larger 26,800 mAh will be able to fully “revive” your smartphone up to 6 times, while a tiny 3,500 mAh charger will most likely recharge your phone to 100% just once.

So you have to figure out how long you’ll be out and about without access to electricity.

If you’re planning on camping for several days, then, by all means, do get a high-capacity charger.

Best portable charger, smartphone charged by a power bank


Some portable chargers are the same size as your smartphone (and they weight the same), while others tend to be quite bulky and heavy.

Some portable chargers weight only 5 oz, while others can go up to 17 oz and above.

Typically, larger capacity chargers are bigger, heavier and most likely won’t fit in your pocket.

While most low-capacity models can fit in any of your pockets nice and easy, without making you feel uncomfy.

And sometimes when you’re planning on hiking for hours, you’d want to carry as less weight as possible.

Fast Charging

Depending on the situation, you might want to recharge your mobile device as quickly as possible, without caring about the capacity, size or else.

This is where fast charging comes into play, and most of the time this technology utilizes an increase in the amperage or a varying voltage to optimize the overall wattage of the charger.

Some examples of fast charging technologies are the Qualcomm Quick Charge, the Anker VoltageBoost and Power IQ and the Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging.

Regardless, the charging circuit of your smartphone is what eventually determines whether it can be charger any quicker or not.

It doesn’t really matter if you have a mega potent battery charger that has a 5 Volts 2 Amp (5V/2A) output if your mobile devices handle only 5 Volts 1 Amp (5V/1A).

In fact, having a portable charger with a higher supply current than your smartphone’s battery capacity might damage your mobile device’s battery.

Safety Mechanisms

You shouldn’t neglect the safety aspect when it comes to portable chargers (or any battery charger for that matter) as they can be potentially dangerous.

You might have or you might haven’t heard stories about how the battery of a portable charger exploded.

This can happen when certain safety features such as short a circuit prevention and overcharging mechanism are absent, usually to reduce the cost of the product.

So to avoid any potential injuries, only look for portable chargers that offer complete charging protection.

Number of Input & Output Ports

As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the portable charger, the more total number of ports it’ll have (mainly output ports).

That’s essential if you’d like to charge more than one mobile device (or devices using a different USB standard) and even more so if you’d like to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Using the USB-A standard for the output port/s is a common sight in most power banks, although some models have both a USB-A and USB-C ports.

Even better, some portable chargers have a USB-C port that works both as an input and output port adding a great deal of versatility.

Best portable charger, smartphone with a dead battery


What features should I look for in the best portable charger?

When searching for the best portable charger, consider its capacity, portability, charging speed, number of ports, and safety features.

Here are some things to look for:

  • A high-capacity charger will provide more charges for your devices.
  • Portability includes factors like size, weight, and design.
  • Charging speed is crucial for quick recharging.
  • Multiple ports allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Safety features like overcharge and short-circuit protection are essential for protecting your devices.

How long does it take to charge a device using a portable charger?

The charging time of a device using a portable charger depends on various factors, including the charger’s output power, the device’s battery capacity, and the charging cable’s quality.

Generally, a higher output power charger will charge your device faster.

For example, a 2.4A charger will charge your device quicker than a 1A charger.

Additionally, using a high-quality charging cable can also contribute to faster charging.

Can a portable charger charge multiple devices at once?

Yes, many portable chargers come with multiple ports that allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

These chargers typically have a total output power that is shared among the ports.

It’s essential to check the charger’s specifications to ensure it can handle charging multiple devices simultaneously without compromising the charging speed or performance.

How many times can a portable charger recharge my device?

The number of times a portable charger can recharge your device depends on its capacity and the capacity of the device’s battery.

The capacity of portable chargers is typically measured in milliampere-hours (mAh) or watt-hours (Wh).

To estimate the number of charges, divide the charger’s capacity by the device’s battery capacity, accounting for efficiency losses during charging.

For example, a 10,000mAh charger can roughly recharge a smartphone with a 3,000mAh battery around three times.

Are there any safety precautions I should follow when using a portable charger?

Yes, it’s important to follow certain safety precautions when using a portable charger.

Some key recommendations include:

  • Use chargers from reputable brands and avoid cheap knockoff products.
  • Avoid exposing the charger to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.
  • Disconnect the charger from the device once it’s fully charged.
  • Do not leave the charger unattended while charging.
  • Keep the charger away from water or other liquids.
  • If you notice any damage or unusual behavior from the charger, discontinue use and contact the manufacturer for assistance.
  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for safe usage.

Are Power Banks Bad for Your Phone?

Not really – as long as the voltage and current of the portable charger match those of your smartphone.

Let me put things into perspective:

If the input of your phone is 5V/1A (voltage/current), the power bank should have similar values.

For example, using a charger that has a lower voltage will drain your smartphone’s battery, while a higher voltage rating will lead to an overload that will eventually damage the circuit your phone.

Most smartphones nowadays are best charged with a 5V voltage so for example if you’re using a 4.2V power bank, it’ll actually drain the battery of your phone.

So, always check what the current and voltage values on the original charger for your phone are.

Can a Power Bank Explode?

Yes, a power bank can explode just like any other device that’s powered by a lithium battery for that matter.

Here are some of the most common reasons that can make a portable charger go boom:

  • Poor battery quality – Although most manufacturers use either Lithium-ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries, some of the cut corners by putting recycled or counterfeit batteries in their power banks.
  • Improper usage – The way you maintain and take care of the battery of your mobile device is crucial as exposure to overcharging, high temperature and humidity are a big no-no.
  • Fault circuit design – A poor design of the circuit of a power bank may lead to temperature fluctuations, overvoltage and even short circuit.

Can a portable charger charge multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, many portable chargers come with multiple ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Make sure to check the specifications of the portable charger to ensure it has the desired number of ports.

Are portable chargers allowed on airplanes?

Yes, portable chargers are generally allowed on airplanes, both in carry-on luggage and checked baggage.

However, there are certain restrictions on the capacity of lithium-ion batteries that you can bring aboard.

It’s recommended to check with your airline’s guidelines to ensure compliance.

What is a Good Power Bank?

This is what makes a power bank (a.k.a. a portable charger) good:

  • Adequate power capacity
  • Compact size
  • Safety mechanisms
  • Sufficient number of ports (output and input)
  • Fast charging times
  • Decent price
  • Extra features (e.g. a built-in LED flashlight)

However, some of these aspects can be rather subjective like price and capacity as some people might prefer more expensive chargers (but with higher capacity).

While others might prioritize price over the outright power capacity of the power bank’s battery.


Eventually, based on offering the most optimal combination of power capacity, size, safety, features, ratings and price, the best portable charger and our personal favorite is the No products found..

It simply offers the absolute best value for money among high-quality power banks that are portable, powerful and reasonably compact.

Now, we’d like to know what YOUR favorite portable charger is?

Leave a comment below with your answer!

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