Best Way to Prepare Food in a Survival Situation

This is the BEST Way to Prepare Food in a Survival Situation

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Venturing out into the wild takes courage and strong survival skills to ensure that your basic needs are met. Food is clearly a basic need and while the body can survive without it for days, malnutrition can kick in. Survival also requires energy and agility and food is vital to keep you going. So, what is the best way to prepare food in a survival situation?

The best ways to prepare your meal when in the wilderness are:

  • Boiling
  • Roasting
  • Frying

But there are many ways by which you can prepare food using rocks and bricks.

These are traditional methods that require a bit of elbow grease and adjustment.

Now, keep reading to find out more about these traditional food preparation techniques!

How to Cook Food in the Wild? (5 Techniques)

There are various methods to prepare food when you’re camping in the wild or struggling to survive.

You may have some utensils, such as a pan or a bowl, or you might have nothing at all.

It is essential to carry some utensils and tools, especially a pan, a sharp knife, and fire-lighting tools.

You might also have to kill an animal for meat or work with wild-grown vegetables and fresh produce.

And here are some of the best methods to cook for survival situations:

Best Way to Prepare Food in a Survival Situation, boiling food

1. Boil Your Food

If you’re looking for the safest method to prepare food while camping, boiling is the answer.

You can boil anything, be it animal meat, freshly-caught fish, or vegetables.

You can use a large bowl, or even a tiny cup, as long as the material will not melt in the fire.

How to do it:

  1. Start by heating several rocks over the fire for a few hours
    Note: It is ideal to work with quartz, flint and obsidian for safety and effectiveness
  2. Once the rocks are heated, place your pan of water on the rocks and let the water boil

It is wise to let the water boil for at least 30-minutes before you toss in your ingredients.

If you’re worried about using water from creeks and rivers, don’t worry – the boiling process will kill all bacteria and ensure purification.

Luckily, you can use this method to boil any kind of food, be it oatmeal, vegetables or meat.

However, if you don’t have a pot and the necessary tools, you can explore some of the other methods listed below.

Best way to prepare food in a survival situation, a pot of a pan on a fireplace

2. Flat Rock Frying

One of the oldest cooking methods used by indigenous communities worldwide, flat rock frying is fun and easy.

This is a highly effective method and it’s still popular at many renowned ethnic cuisines and restaurants.

When you’re in survival mode, this method will work best if you don’t have a bowl or any utensils.

How to do it:

  1. You just need to find a flat rock and clean it
    Note: Be sure to clean it as best as you can, and let it dry off before you begin
  2. Then, set the rock on fire and prop it up with wooden sticks or other rocks
  3. In a few hours, the rock will get scorching hot and turn into a natural frying pan

You can use it to fry freshly-caught fish or any other ingredient that you have.

And please don’t stress about frying your food if you’re typically against this cooking method.

After all, you’re trying to survival here so you simply need nutrition, whether completely healthy or not.

Best Way to Prepare Food in a Survival Situation, campfire

3. Make an Earth Oven

Pit fire cooking is immensely popular among meat lovers and it is a remarkable cooking skill for survival situations.

It’s also quite delicious as well!

But this is a method that requires expertise and knowledge, so it is wise to practice it before you venture into the wilderness.

It requires more elbow grease and effort than all the other methods, but it also guarantees a scrumptious treat.

How to do it:

  1. You start by digging a foot wide and deep hole in the ground
  2. Then, collect small rocks to cover the entire bottom of your pit until all the dirt is nicely covered
  3. Now, start a small fire over the stones and keep feeding it slowly to maintain it
    Note: Gradually, the rocks will start getting hot and, in a few hours, the pit will be ready
  4. Next, extinguish the fire and coals, and use grass to cover the hot rocks
  5. Place your meat (or other food) on the grass and place some bark and grass on top of your food
    Note: Once the ingredients are nicely covered, use dirt to cover up the entire pit

This is an important step to prevent any air from escaping the pit.

Also – give the food at least two hours so that it’s properly cooked before you dig it out.

Sure, this process is long and exhausting, but the results are incredible and definitely worth the effort!

Best Way to Prepare Food in a Survival Situation, campfire and marshmallows

4. Roasting

Here’s a method that we’re all familiar with and typically enjoy at home during bonfires.

Roasting your food over a fire is the simplest and easiest method to prepare a good meal in a survival situation.

How to do it:

  1. You simply have to attach your food to a stick
  2. Hold it over the flames to let it cook

You can also create a makeshift roasting stand over the fire using branches and let the food roast up nicely.

This straightforward method works great with meat and vegetables.

However, the process will require constant attention to prevent your precious food from burning.

You have to stay attentive as you cannot leave the campfire for long.

You can also have to keep turning the meat or ingredients to keep them from burning.

It is also vital to secure the food to the stick tightly to prevent it from falling into the fire.

Best Way to Prepare Food in a Survival Situation, campfire near rocks

5. Make a Rock Oven

Rocks are such incredible tools, and there is no limit to their functionality and utility.

Aside from a frying pan, you can also use rocks to create a makeshift oven.

How to do it:

  1. You need to create a rectangular or square rock structure with an opening near the fire
    Note: Be sure to fill it up with dust to make sure there are no holes for the air to escape
  2. Now, place your food in the opening and just let it cook Note: You can always feed the fire to increase the temperature to ensure that your food is fully cooked

Don’t forget that this technique is extremely easy to use, while also delivering tasty meals.


Now you’re aware of the best methods for cooking your food in a survival situation – boiling, frying and roasting.

The methods mentioned above are easy and simple, although some require more effort than others.

But we strongly recommend you to prepare effectively and carry portable cooking tools if possible.

Now, have you ever used any of our recommended techniques for preparing food while in the wilderness?

If you did – how was it?

Drop your answers in the comments below!

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