Can a slingshot kill a deer

Here’s Whether or Not a Slingshot Can Kill a Deer

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Most of us are familiar with handmade slingshots from our long-gone childhood days. Those were useful in annoying people who we wanted to annoy but hunting with a slingshot is an entirely different animal (pun intended). Considering that deer and humans are roughly the same size and strength, you might be wondering: can a slingshot kill a deer?

Yes, a slingshot can be used to kill a deer if you know what you’re doing!

This may be surprising or even shocking, but indeed – you can kill a deer with a slingshot under the right circumstances.

If you’re interested in finding out how, here’s what you need to know.

How Do You Kill a Deer With a Slingshot?

You will need a good eye and great gear in order to kill a deer using a slingshot.

Every healthy deer is a very capable sprinter so having a good aim and being stealthy can help a ton.

If you want a deer as your game animal, you’d better be aware of the ways by which a deer can escape without you even noticing its presence.

As we previously mentioned, makeshift wood or plastic slingshots are only a childish recreation and they’re far from an optimal choice.

Professional slingshots are what you need, although they require some practice to master.

Basically, the type of slingshot that you will be using depends on what your target will be.

Can a slingshot kill a deer, roe deer in the woods

Hunting a Deer is Entirely Different Than Small Game

For example – let’s say that you’re hunting some sort of smaller game e.g. a bird.

You’d probably attack it while it’s always and you’d want to do that when it is reasonably visible outside.

Then the bird will fall and when it lands, it’ll naturally make some sound to help you figure out where it landed.

This type of hunting of a small animal is quite different from hunting a deer.

A deer will hardly make much noise and they can disappear very quickly so it’s quite challenging to locate them in the first place.

But once you do, you may need to have the right gear with you to bring the game down.

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What’s the Best Slingshot Gear to Kill a Deer?

A sturdy and high-quality slingshot with a fully stretchable and elastic rubber band is your best bet if you wish to kill a deer.

This kind of elasticity will give your shots the ideal speed that they need to take down a deer.

But don’t forget that while hunting a deer, you always need to keep a safe distance.

Deer are aware of every single activity in their surroundings and will immediately run if they sense any danger.

So, if you’re keeping a distance of almost a mile, you’ll need a slingshot that has considerable power.

You can also pick stones from your hunting ground and check if they’re good enough for the distance that you want them to cover.

Note that you can usually hunt a small or middle-sized animal with a stone that’s ¾ inches in diameter.

But according to the size of your deer, you can pick smaller or larger stones for your slingshot.

Furthermore, make sure your slingshot is sturdy enough for proper hunting i.e. don’t use a slingshot for children!

What Drawbacks are There In Killing a Deer Using a Slingshot?

Although a slingshot is a very potent weapon that can take down a full-size deer without a problem, there are still certain drawbacks such as:

Can a slingshot kill a deer, a deer in the depths of the forest

1. You are Likely to Miss the Target If You’re Inexperienced

Deer are considered an advanced level game when it comes to slingshot hunting.

Most amateurs and even reasonably skilled people cannot kill a deer with a slingshot.

However – if you’re hunting in an area where the wilderness isn’t too dense, you may still succeed.

But if your hunting ground is full of bushes, trees and other hideouts, things can get rather tricky.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to hunt a deer using a slingshot.

For starters, you can try to hunt smaller, slower animals before trying out deer hunting.

2. The Deer Can Get Wounded and May Escape

Another possibility is that your game may simply not die right on the spot.

This is a pretty common scenario where the hunting turns out to be a rather fruitless activity.

If your deer is a strong, willing fighter, it can sustain the wound and hide until you stop looking for it.

This usually happens when your weapon or your aim isn’t ideal for your target.

If you don’t have the right stone (or enough pressure, or speed) you most likely won’t be able to properly maim the animal.

3. You Can Fail to Locate Your Game

The third drawback while hunting deer with a slingshot is that you could fail to find the fallen animal.

Their safe habitat is usually too crowded for you to locate them from a distance and since the deer won’t make a ruckus while dying, you’ll have no way to navigate your way towards it.

In this case, you can try using binoculars or any optics that can help you to see further.

Alternatively, you can mark the vicinity in order to find the deer.

Can a slingshot kill a deer, 2 deer in the forest

Are There Any Extra Tips to Keep in Mind?

  • Try to tread as soundlessly as possible.
    Wear sneaker shoes and clothes that easily blend in with the environment.
  • Make sure your stone hits the perfect spot (the head) to kill the deer painlessly and quickly.
  • Hunt in clearer areas.
  • You can also attach arrowhead gear to the slingshot and use arrows for a sharper aim.


Killing a deer using a slingshot is definitely possible with the right slingshot and good aim.

There’s no doubt that most hunters depend on rifles to take down larger game such as deer.

But if you’re feeling more extravagant or if you’re simply a fan of slingshots, then know that your favorite weapon can be just as effective under the right circumstances.

Now, have you ever used a slingshot to hunt any game, be it large or small?

And what success did you have?

Leave your answer in the comment section below!

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