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Top 10 Single-Player Survival Games for Thrilling Solo Adventures

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Survival games have exploded in popularity over the last decade. With their emphasis on open-world exploration, crafting, and overcoming challenges alone, they provide the ultimate solo adventure.

This article will showcase the top 10 single-player survival games that offer the most thrilling and rewarding experiences when played solo. Whether you enjoy realistic simulations or more casual, creative sandboxes, you’ll find engrossing worlds to get lost in with these hand-picked titles.

What Makes A Great Single-Player Survival Game?

When looking for a truly immersive survival game to play solo, keep an eye out for these key features:

  • Open worlds to explore at your own pace, with plenty of secrets and sights to discover. Lush forests, barren deserts, and mysterious ruins make for compelling environments.
  • Crafting & building mechanics that allow you to construct shelters, tools, and other items using scavenged resources. This promotes creativity and a sense of accomplishment.
  • RPG elements like experience points and skill trees to unlock new abilities over time. Character progression keeps things interesting.
  • Custom difficulty options so you can tailor the challenge level to your personal preferences.
  • Atmosphere and lore that draws you into the world, making every new area feel alive. Notes, audio logs, and artifacts that reveal backstories make worlds feel hand-crafted.
  • Emergent gameplay that encourages you to approach situations in your own style using various mechanics and tools at your disposal. Unique experiences emerge from the systems.
  • Replay value from procedural generation, randomized events, and multiple paths to explore. You discover new sights each time you play.

With the criteria in mind, let’s jump into the top 10 best single-player survival games available right now!

1. The Long Dark

The Long Dark stands out for its thoughtful, introspective approach to survival simulation. Alone in the northern Canadian wilderness after a global disaster, you have to fend off the elements and wildlife while coming to terms with your isolation.

With its stark yet beautiful art style and focus on realism, The Long Dark provides an incredibly immersive experience. Pay close attention to details like calorie intake, warmth, and rest to survive. Combat is minimal – the true foe is nature itself.

Open-ended exploration of the quiet, snowy landscapes is a calming experience. Between hunting, fishing, cooking, crafting tools, and simply appreciating the sights, The Long Dark offers a uniquely pensive take on the survival genre. It’s a perfect match for players who want a challenging yet tranquil adventure.

2. Subnautica

For a survival game that emphasizes exploration and wonder, look no further than the underwater alien world of Subnautica. After crash landing on an ocean planet, you must navigate the depths to uncover the mystery behind the alien ruins scattered around the seabed.

From coral reefs to deep cave networks, the diverse aquatic biomes are a joy to discover. Crafting submarines and underwater gear allows you to access more of the vast map. The creatures that inhabit the planet range from fascinating to downright terrifying.

Subnautica strikes an excellent balance between guided storytelling and open-ended adventure. As you explore deeper and improve your equipment, the sense of discovery remains strong throughout. For any players seeking a survival experience focused on mystery and atmosphere, Subnautica is easily one of the best choices.

3. Valheim

Valheim has become a breakout hit for its unique take on viking-themed survival. After being slain in battle, you awake in Valheim – a procedurally generated purgatory realm where viking warriors prepare for the final battle.

With its gorgeous low-poly art style and massive procedurally generated world, Valheim provides an incredible sense of place. The 10 distinct biomes range from peaceful meadows to foreboding swamps and imposing mountain peaks.

Combat, crafting, and construction all feel immensely satisfying. Whether you’re building a viking village, sailing the seas, or raiding crypts, Valheim’s flexible sandbox survival mechanics allow you to play as you see fit. The promise of reaching the final boss provides a long-term goal to work towards while enjoying the journey.

For viking adventure done right, Valheim is easily one of the top survival games out there.

4. Don’t Starve

Boasting a striking gothic art styleDon’t Starve stands out for its quirky take on survival. Stranded in a bizarre, macabre wilderness, you have to keep your character sane and fed as you unravel the mysteries around you.

The core crafting and resource gathering loops are addicting, but what makes Don’t Starve special is the randomized world generation that ensures every playthrough surprises you with new oddities. Uncovering the secrets behind the world’s odd inhabitants and artifacts provides an engrossing overarching goal.

With the option to play the Reign of Giants DLC for new biomes and challenges or team up with a friend in Don’t Starve Together, there are plenty of ways to experience the eerie and humorous world of Don’t Starve. For players who enjoy dark themes and some wacky fun mixed into their survival, Don’t Starve is a must-play.

5. Green Hell

For the ultimate hardcore survival challengeGreen Hell will put your skills to the test. Stranded in the merciless Amazon rainforest, you’ll have to go to extreme lengths to stay alive.

Every small task like eating, resting, and dressing wounds is a detailed process, requiring you to carefully manage stats and resources. The dense jungle biome is an ever-present threat, with dangers like venomous snakes, infectious diseases, and deadly predators around every corner.

While brutally difficult, Green Hell shines with its emphasis on realism and attention to survival mechanics. The story mode provides some guidance and an interesting mystery to uncover in the jungle. You can also toggle options like permadeath for the ultimate survival experience. For players seeking a truly immersive and challenging solo adventure, Green Hell is a top choice.

6. The Forest

The Forest throws you into a terrifying fight for survival against a tribe of nocturnal cannibal mutants. After crash landing in a massive forest, you have to build a shelter and weapons to defend yourself when night falls.

The core base building mechanics are great, allowing you to construct sprawling log cabins and fortifications. But what makes The Forest shine is the constant sense of dread as you explore the woods, never knowing where the enemies may lurk.

With its horror elements and emphasis on defending yourself against a threat, The Forest is a fantastic choice for players who want their survival experience to be tense and frightening. Just make sure to build up your base – when darkness falls, terror quickly sets in.

7. Outward

Outward focuses on old-school hardcore fantasy survival, with a huge open world and deep mechanics. After being exiled from your hometown, you’ll have to fend for yourself in the wilds – but don’t expect your hand to be held.

Outward stands out for its unforgiving difficulty. Supplies, food, and water are all crucial, but can be lost permanently in death. The open-ended quests can be pursued at your leisure – just be ready to think on your feet to survive in the harsh wilderness.

With its focus on role-playing realism, Outward is great for players who want to truly inhabit a medieval survival setting. Just steel yourself for the harsh and unflinching world, and appreciate the moments of triumph when you overcome a difficult quest or explore a new region. For a gritty, grounded survival experience, Outward is a top pick.

8. 7 Days to Die

For a survival game focused on scavenging and base building against hordes of zombies, 7 Days to Die is a great pick. Like the name implies, every 7 days a massive wave of zombies will attack your base, requiring solid defenses and strategy to overcome.

Scavenging the wastelands of the American Southwest for supplies is crucial to craft better gear and build up your base’s defenses. The tower defense-style preparation for horde nights provides high stakes gameplay every week.

With its blocky voxel art style and emphasis on looting and crafting, 7 Days to Die will feel familiar to veterans of Minecraft survival. But the zombie horde attacks provide heart-pounding action every time. For players who enjoy undead action mixed into their survival, 7 Days to Die is a great choice.

9. This War of Mine

Unlike most survival games, This War of Mine provides a thought-provoking look at civilian life in wartime. Taking place in a besieged city, you control a group of civilians just trying to survive day to day.

During the day, you must craft and manage resources at your shelter. But at night, you can send one person out to scavenge the ruined city, avoiding snipers and hostile survivors. The choices you make – like stealing from or helping certain people – impact the story.

With its serious, anti-war messages and focus on survival narrative, This War of Mine provides a unique, emotionally affecting experience. If you’re looking for a survival game that goes beyond entertainment to provide real emotional resonance, This War of Mine is an absolute standout choice.

10. Terraria

For a more lighthearted take on survival, Terraria uses retro-style 2D pixel art for its vast, randomly generated worlds. Alternating between surface and underground biomes, you’ll gather resources, craft equipment, and fight monsters.

The 2D platforming gameplay mixed with crafting, building, and combat provides endless replayability. With RPG elements like character classes and boss battles, there’s always a new goal to work towards.

Terraria really shines in Hard Mode, where new enemies and biomes provide fresh challenges for experienced players. Whether you want to build elaborate fortresses or battle epic bosses, Terraria’s huge amount of content makes for an essential survival sandbox.


The survival genre has expanded to offer engrossing solo experiences ranging from serene to frightening. With their emphasis on open-ended gameplay, crafting, and overcoming challenges using your wits and resources, these games provide incredible adventures – no multiplayer required.

Each of the titles above have unique strengths, whether it’s a stunning atmosphere, innovative mechanics, or simply best-in-class survival gameplay. No matter your skill level or preferences, you’re sure to find an immersive world to get lost in with these fantastic solo survival games.

Just gather some supplies, craft the tools you need, and see how long you can survive alone against the elements. With the right game, you may find those solo adventures more rewarding than you ever expected!


How are these survival games ranked?

The games are ranked based on a combination of factors including popularity, reviews, gameplay innovation, and how well they provide an immersive and challenging solo survival experience.

What platforms are these games available on?

The games listed are available on a variety of platforms including PC, major consoles like PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Some are also available on mobile devices. The platform availability is specified for each game in the main article.

Do these games have a story/campaign?

Most of the survival games listed have some form of narrative, quests, or a story campaign that provides structure alongside the core survival gameplay loops. Games like Subnautica, The Long Dark, and The Forest have strong story elements. The more sandbox experiences like Valheim and Don’t Starve focus less on story and more on emergent open-ended gameplay.

Can these games be played offline or is internet required?

All the survival games showcased are single-player experiences that can be played fully offline without an internet connection required. They do not require being online or connecting to servers.

Are DLC expansions needed to enjoy these games fully?

The main games can be enjoyed fully without any DLC. Some titles like The Forest and Don’t Starve do have DLC expansions that add new content, but they simply expand on an already complete core experience rather than locking away content.

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